Director's Previous Work

Water Corp - Shower Song - BTS

This video was part of a large media campaign in conjunction with Water Corp to encourage people to limit their showers to four minutes to save water. A four minute song was written and performed by 11 WA artists. Paul directed the music video as well as 19 BTS Videos. This one is an overall piece that explains the concept through interviews with the musicians, whilst giving a glimpse of the song's recording and music video shoot.

Ruby Boots - Devil (Impromptu Live)

This video is a one-shot, one-take impromptu live performance by Ruby Boots' singers Bex Chilcott and Eliza Rogers. It was shot in a local cafe and is a good example of the kind of stripped-back style that the songs in Play Ground will be presented with.

Nature Play - Free Benji

This is a recent mockumenty-style commercial directed by Paul which got him an Australian Directors Guild Best Direction nomination (winner yet to be announced).